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Are You Stuck in Student loan debt?

Then you May Qualify For a Relief Program through the Department of Education

Virtually everyone who’s ever taken out a Federal student loan will qualify for some amount of forgiveness thanks to the "Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act"

Determine Your Eligilbity now as the program is on a first come first serve basis.

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Have Your Entire Loan Forgiven or Discharged!

Depending upon approval, You may qualify to have your loans 100% Forgiven, Discharged, or Even Reduced, If you work in the public sectors, or for a non-profit organization.

Public service loan forgiveness occurs after 10 years of qualifying payments and employment. - Teachers - Nurses - Military - Non-Profit - Government Employee's - ETC

Lower Monthly Payments

Dont Make Much? Cant afford your student loan payments?

Get a Reduced Monthly Payment based on your actual financial situation through a "Income based repayment program". You could even qualify for a payment as low as $0 a month!

Not to Mention that after the new payment term or length has been met, any remaining balance of your loan debt would be forgiven through the Department of Education!

Loan consolidation

Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Federal student loan consolidation is available to most borrowers who carry federal student loan debt. All of your existing federal student loans would be combined into one new loan, with a weighted average interest rate and one new payment.

Meaning, not only do you reduce the number of loans you have in your name but you also get to choose from a number of easy and affordable monthly payment plans, including the above "income-driven repayment plan".

"This new program/Payment plan finally lets me pay what I can actually afford to pay! Stopping me from having to live paycheck 2 paycheck. I am so glad you guys found me!"

Joseph Allen

San Clemente, CA

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